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Mr. Dave Thomen

has been a professional magician entertaining children since 1994. Prior to becoming a full-time performer, Dave had a successful career in sales training and public speaking. This experience gives him the ability to communicate and educate students through entertainment. The below assembly programs are presented annually at many schools and organizations to instruct and motivate children of all ages.

Your show was outstanding! Your entertainment over 300 people ranging from kindergarten children to grandparents in a school gymnasium. That was certainly no easy feat! Thanks for making our ice cream social such a success.

– Mike M

Magical Reading Adventures

As educators and parents, many of us appreciate the value of encouraging children to develop a life-long enjoyment for reading. Besides increasing our academic knowledge about the world around us, reading for pleasure allows students to consider possibilities about their own lives.

To encourage daily reading, magician Dave Thomen presents MAGICAL READING ADVENTURES. During the program, he performs magic with audience participation to highlight the different genres of books students can read and how reading sparked his own creativity.

This program is ideal to promote your book fair or reading incentive programs. Dave will adapt his repertoire of banter and illusions for elementary or middle school age students.

Safety – The Magic is You

What children learn daily about safety and taking risks will last a lifetime. Magic can creatively teach well-being content across the curriculum – to students of all ages.

Dave Thomen of D’s Magic presents SAFETY – THE MAGIC IS YOU, offering a multi-sensory learning experience that will motivate children to be safe. The performance will emphasize a variety of messages intended for preschoolers (i.e. emergency 911, stranger awareness, and outdoor activities) or school age students (i.e. social media and cyber bullying). The subject matter can teach one or a few different topics.

This program is an ideal introduction of understanding danger and the consequences of taking risks. Overall, this program is designed to reinforce good habits of safety in and away from school.

In addition to the above programs, Dave has performed numerous shows with themes of science, math, and character education.

Character Building – The Magic in You

Many schools look for creative ways to promote character education to their students. We want to encourage children to understand the importance of honesty, respect, self-image and cooperation.

Magician Dave Thomen presents CHARACTER BUILDING – THE MAGIC IN YOU: a presentation of life skills that will motivate your students to make positive choices regarding behavior. During the performance, the magic and self-esteem message blend together by combining comedy, illusions choreographed with music, and student involvement.

This assembly can be used for relationship building curriculums, which will motivate your elementary or middle school age students to work together to solve difficulties and realize each other’s potential.

Dave Thomen ‘Re-Creating the Magic’ by Putting Together Virtual Show


Online Performances to bring us together from anywhere! Dave Thomen was one of the first to bring virtual entertainment to schools due to the pandemic.


Balloons and tricks combining comedy with creativity

Strolling a crowd with laughter and amazement

A wide variety of hats, animals, and other sculptures

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